PI Direct Link Report Template

A Private Investigators Take on Case Management and PI Direct Link

I started my firm four years ago and delayed in using a case management system until I could “justify” the purchase. I tried a system last year, but wasn’t happy with it. I was referred to PI Direct Link by a friend, and am finally in control of all of my assignments, clients, and investigators.
Not only is the interface user friendly, but the system keeps track of everything I need. Every morning, I login to the system, and the Dashboard shows me everything I need at a glance. I can read my investigator’s notes, update a client, and see if there is anything urgent due that day.
Additionally, I tried logging in remotely, and could not locate my password. My office manager emailed Brad, and within five minutes, he was on the phone with me troubleshooting…great customer service.
I would recommend the system to any PI firm, large of small…
R. Torres – Torres Protection Group