Whether you are a technology guru or just learning about case management applications, our support staff is here to help.

Our team conducts webinars for private investigators of all experience levels to help them become familiar with case management systems, their features and benefits. Feel free to sign up for the webinars below that best fit your needs.

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Current Webinar Topics

PI Direct Link Basics

Learn Basic Functionality and Operation of PI Direct Link

Are you currently doing a 30 day free trial or a new subscriber to PI Direct Link?This webinar is for you.  Our team guides users through a tour of the system allowing them to become familiar with many of the awesome features the software has to offer.  Following this webinar, users will become proficient with utilizing the software.

Topics include:

  • Administrator functions
  • Customizing the software
  • Adding clients, employees and vendors
  • Expense and time tracking
  • Creating invoices and report templates
  • Entering cases, video, photos, and other evidence
  • Navigating the system and settings
  • Time and money saving features

This webinar takes approximately 45 minutes and Q&A is available during the session as well as after.

Intro to Case Management for PI’s

Are you a new PI or unfamiliar with case management software?  Are you unsure as to how such a service can fit into and help your PI business?  This webinar can help you with all of that.  Our goal is to help PI’s succeed. If PI’s don’t succeed, we do not succeed. This webinar covers the basics of case management software.

Topics include:

  • What is case management software?
  • How does software help private investigators?
  • Does my small company need a system?
  • Marketing tips and leveraging the software
  • How to choose a case management system
  • Features that help improve the company
  • An overview of the cloud and security
  • Tips on choosing the right software

This webinar is approximately 30 minutes and Q&A is available during and following the webinar.  To signup, please fill out the form below.