Security Policy

PI DirectLink is hosted in a dedicated and secure environment.  The company implements and frequently updates the security of our website and applications.  Our site is secured utilizing standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, to include Extended Verification Secure Socket Layer (EVSSL) technology.  When accessing our site, your information is secure and protected using the aforementioned security features, along with data encryption and firewalls.  This process ensures your information is safely protected and only available to users within your organization that you designate.

Within the site, your company administrator can provide users with usernames and passwords that are required to access the site and your information.  Data contained within your subdomain will only be accessible by these individuals and other authorized users you allow access, such as clients.

For additional information or further explanation of security features, please e-mail us

If you detect any issues or vulnerability in the security of our site, please send and e-mail