PI DirectLink Testimonial

Another testimonial from one of our users.  Thank You Thomas!  If you need any assistance in the Fresno, CA area, give SIS a call.

“The PI Direct Link case management system makes it easy for our clients to assign & monitor their cases 24/7. The system also makes it easy for our case manager & investigators to monitor & update cases. The functionality of the system is user friendly. The pricing for this system is reasonable. I would recommend this case management system to other investigative agencies, without question.”

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Thomas Haverty

Director of Investigations

Strategic Investigative Services”

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We love to hear from our customers and appreciate their feedback.  Here is the latest round from a few of our users.


“I can’t say enough high praises about PI DirectLink. They consistently maintain superior customer service – no matter the time or day. We have been working with  PI DirectLink for almost a year now, and I am always impressed by their knowledge, professionalism, and dedication to performing quality work. Kyle is a pleasure to work with and always professional. PI DirectLink is a great asset to any investigative company. Thank you again PI DirectLink and please let your team know that their hard work and professionalism does NOT go unnoticed.”

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Vincent Demps, Masterchek – http://www.masterchek.net/


I run a small south Florida based private investigation company. I was looking for a case management system but did not have the volume of work that would warrant high monthly fees associated with having numerous users (i.e vendors / employees) P.I. Direct Link was exactly what I was looking for. They have various price structures depending on how many users you have and the amount of storage space you require. By users I am only referring to employee, vendors and administrators. As far as clients go, you can have as many as you want no matter the price plan. In addition, it is very user friendly and I did not even need any help figuring it out. It was that easy. They also routinely add features to the system and yet my price point stays the same. I would highly recommend anyone giving it a try. They even offer a 30 day free trial.

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Oscar Santa Maria, OPTIMUM INVESTIGATIONS, LLC – http://www.optimumpi.net/

A PI DirectLink Testimonial

We are always happy to receive feedback from our customers. Here is the latest:

“Great product and I will be deciding next week at what level I want. for all the PI’s out there it is very cost effective and works great on phones and tablets. Also easy for clients to use.”

Great job!!!!!
John McCarty
LIA Security and Investigations LLC

Thank You John. We appreciate your support and look forward to working with you.  If you have investigative needs in Virginia, look John up at http://www.liainvestigations.com