PI DirectLink Announces New Features, System Improvements and Increased Functionality

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Create Report Templates and Generate Reports
Users can create customized case templates and generate their own reports with a few clicks. We are very excited about this time saving feature. You will also have the ability to add photos to the reports. This feature will also allow you to create customized case data sheets or case note reports to meet your needs.
Click on Settings > Report Templates to Create report templates

Upload Multiple Files
Users can upload multiple files such as reports, photos, and videos at once.

Calendar Reminders
Users can now setup reminders for their cases. Keep track of calls you need to make or a certain task that needs to be done on a case. All reminders will appear on the calendar in Purple for easy viewing. Never miss an important task again.

Visual Date Reminders in Case List
When a reminder, doctor’s appointment, or deposition is within 7 days, the case will be highlighted in red on the Active Cases List. This will ensure users are aware there is an important event upcoming

System Speed and Performance
The system received a boost from a powerful new server. Users will notice a vast increase in the systems data and page loading as well as search capabilities.

Customized Invoice Text
Users can now customize the message on their invoices to include anything such as a Tax ID Number, a “Thank You” message, disclaimer or other information.

Text Now Allowed in SSN Field
In order to increase security and meet the requirements of some state guidelines, users now have the ability to “mask” the SSN by allowing text to be entered in the SSN field. Users may now enter the ssn as XXX-23-2323 or 123-45-XXXX for example.

Add VIN Number for Vehicles
A standard field has been entered in the Vehicles tab which allows users to enter a VIN number.

Added Month Option to the Case Number
The month a case was created can now be placed into the company’s customized case number. Click on Settings > Case Customization. Add the Letter M to the Case Number Format section where you would like the number of the month to appear.

New Documents Tab
A new section was created to allow users to add specific case documents such as retainers and other confidential documents. The user is able to set permissions for this section to allow and deny access for staff, clients and vendors.

Client Information on the Case Screen
The client information section has been expanded to provide additional client details such as address and email.

Streaming Video
All users, including clients, can how view streaming video from the system. This awesome feature will save all users valuable time and give clients quick access to review and watch video. We will follow up with a list of acceptable video formats.

Expanded Zip Codes
The system now allows additional characters in the zip code field to accommodate longer zip codes that are common in other countries. Users can now add +4 to the zip code if they prefer.

Import Client, Employee and Vendor Lists
Users can now import CSV (spreadsheet) lists into the system. This is a great help to our new users and will cut down on the time it takes to import data. This will be a powerful feature for those who used spreadsheets and similar documents to manage cases in the past.

Improved Case Detail Screen
The screen was reorganized to provide a more efficient and visually appealing layout.

If you have been a previous user of PI DirectLink and want to check out the new features, please contact us at support@pidirectlink.com and ask to receive an additional 30 day free trial. .


New On-Demand Webinar Series Now Available

Learning what PI DirectLink is about and how to operate the system just got easier….and much more convenient.  Our NEW On-Demand Webinar Series is now available to assist our users and those who would like to learn more about the latest private investigator case management system.

The full length webinar is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixgEZn33JVM

The video series is also available in parts.  For example, if you would like to learn more about the Client management or Invoicing and Expenses feature, you can view videos on those individual topics.

For a complete list of the videos visit https://www.youtube.com/user/pidirectlink

For additional information, visit www.pidirectlink.com, email us at support@pidirectlink.com or call us at 678-620-8555.

The Evolution of PI DirectLink

The May 2014 Update Release has been completed and we are thrilled with the results.  The updates, as well as the new Invoice and Billing features are going to greatly improve the user experience.

If you have not had a chance to try PI DirectLink, we welcome you to try it Free for 30 days. We offer a webinar to all users to help them become familiar with the system.  If you have any questions, we are always here to help.  Email support@pidirectlink.com.

PI DirectLink is the most advanced case management system out there.  The system is fully compatible across all mobile platforms including phones, tablets, and other web enabled devices.  The system works on BOTH PC’s and MAC’s.

Finally, Thank You to all of the beta testers, initial users, and our new users for your feedback, questions, and input.  You have all helped shape what PI DirectLink is today.  We look forward to working with you all now and in the future.

PS:  We are in the initial stages of creating our next list of updates.  If you have any suggestions or features that would help your company and staff, please let us know.  Email us at support@pidirectlink.com

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