Clients: Adding Non-Participating Clients

cropped-Question-Marks.jpgThe Problems:  

1) The system requires me to add a client and provide an email address.  

2)  I have to add my client but I do not want them to login or use the system

3)  I do not want my client to receive emails  

The Solutions and Best Practices

These problems are easy to fix and as with any part of the user process, you are in control.  We often recommend best practices and options to all of our users, which makes PI DirectLink more attractive due to system flexibility.

Problem 1.  Yes, you do have to add a client and provide an email.  You can however assign all of your cases to one “made up” or imaginary client.  For example, if you do a lot of domestics and, of course, do not want your client to login, create a client named Domestic Clients and enter their email as or

Problem 2.  You can follow the same type of practice as covered in Problem 1 OR follow this recommended practice which will allow you to use the system as intended and leave your client out of it.  You can enter all of the client’s information correctly and UNCHECK (Receive Case EMails) and (Send Notification to User) when creating a new client.  The client will never be notified the system even exists.

Problem 3.  In this problem, we assume that you want the client to know they can access the system if they chose, but do not want any emails sent to them from the system.  When creating that client, UNCHECK the (Receive Case E-Mails) box and they will receive no notification or automated emails from the system regarding new cases received or when a case is scheduled.

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