Are Social Media Posts Damaging your Reputation or Your Business?

Would you curse in front of your clients? If you were having lunch or dinner with a client, would you describe every bite as you ate? Do you commonly talk with clients and express your opinions on controversial topics such as race, homosexuality, religion and politics? If the answer is YES, and you feel this is professional then you can stop reading now.

Social Media is supposed to help with marketing and networking with other professionals in your industry. Some people are doing just the opposite. Over the past month, we have monitored and made notes regarding posts on various popular social media outlets. 80% of the posts were fine. The other 20% were, at times, shocking and inspired this blog.

If you are a professional, one would assume that you work with many different type of people and have clients or potential clients with different backgrounds, various likes and dislikes, and beliefs on (insert any topic here). With that said, here are a few questions:

Why do people feel it is necessary to use profanity in a post?  It is not appropriate to post your thoughts and clarify where you stand on controversial topics. Why? Because there is someone that may disagree with you, and possibly strongly disagree. What does that mean? You are never going to get a job, or get business from that person. And yes, this includes the sports fanatics who cannot help themselves but to post one that was posted multiple times, “(Rival Sports Team Here) SUCKS.”  If you have a potential opportunity with an individual that is a rival fan, you just did yourself a huge disservice.

How many times a day do you post? Is it too much? In one instance, we saw someone post their location 11 times in one day. There was nothing special or any information about what they were doing, just wanted everyone to know.

You want people to listen and tune in to the information you are putting out there. Do not bombard them with useless information like “I am at My Bathroom in Lexington, KY”. Yes that was an actual post.

Be safe out there.

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